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JobKeeper Update

JobKeeper 2.0 ended on 3 January 2021.  Please note that employer obligations will change of that date and your business is no longer obliged to pay the minimum gross JobKeeper amount of $1,200 per fortnight to eligible Tier 1 employees and $750 per fortnight to eligible Tier 2 employees. For those with a qualifying business […]

JobKeeper 3.0

The following information only relates to business clients that have been eligible for JobKeeper 2.0 or may be eligible for JobKeeper 3.0 (even if your business was not eligible for JobKeeper 2.0 your turnover may be down enough to qualify for JobKeeper 3.0)[…] CONTINUE READING

December 2020 Newsletter

The government will expand eligibility for the temporary ‘full expensing measure’, which temporarily allows certain businesses to deduct the full cost of eligible depreciable assets in the year they are first used or installed.[…] Continue Reading

November 2020 Newsletter

The ATO has said that employers now need to make adjustments in their payroll processes and systems in order for the tax cuts to be reflected in employees’ take-home pay. Employers must make sure they are withholding the correct amount from salary or wages paid to employees for any pay runs processed in their system […]

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